A thoughtful blend of urban tranquility and modern sophistication, B3 offers incredible residential jewels with expansive balconies to enjoy panoramic views of Marine Drive and Cochin city.

Features at a glance

Urban Park-facing

The space inside the residence is defined by the wide views of the Urban Park provided from the balcony and the master bedroom window. Another bedroom provides a waterfront view.

3BHK + study. 2511 SFT

A rectangular shaped living and dining space, with a parallel kitchen provides great efficiency, while the extended balcony provides a panoramic view of the waterfront.

Domestic help quarters

There is a separate quarters for the domestic help with attached bathroom. The spacious, ventilated utility connects seamlessly to the kitchen. The design is planned for efficiency.

Large bedrooms

The luxurious master bedroom has an attached walk-in wardrobe and a large window that provides a wide view of the Urban Park and the waterfront. The other 2 bedrooms are large and well-planned.

Parallel kitchen

The kitchen is planned as a functional, parallel kitchen, which blends in seamlessly into the living and dining areas, as well as the utility zone. Our kitchens are built to last.

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Planning and design

This design maximises the space utilization in a functional and efficient format. The vast living and dining space opens out into a balcony. A compact study provides additional flexibility, while the atached spacious utility serves as the perfect back-end.

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View from bedroom window of E1013

Relax in the balcony with splendid views of the Urban Park and the waterfront

Feature comparison

Compare the features of all the 7 types of residences in Phase 1.