Bedrooms with Extra

Your bedrooms have been planned with great detail. The master bedroom is a spacious area that includes a large dresser and balcony in the N3 block. This alone is around 440 SFT. All the other bedrooms have been planned to maximise utility and comfort.

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The extra in your bedroom


Door swing area does not obstruct bedroom space. Total area of master bedroom space is over 460 SFT.

The door

Doors at SOBHA are made in-house and are installed using a unique technique of glue and foam which ensures quality and longevity.


The bedroom is planned to ensure maximum effciency and utilisation of space. Bed positions are planned to be Vastu-compliant.


The master bedroom has an attached dressing room and wide balcony, with great views of the waterfront.


Light and ventilation

Large windows on two sides for natural light and ventilation. We maximize the size of our windows so that every room has plenty of air and light.


Switchpoints are conveniently placed around the room, at the entrance and bed-side. In addition, points for television and internet are also provided for in all the bedrooms.


Vitrified tile flooring in dual texture design, provides a luxurious  finish and great texture.

AC point

The AC point is placed strategically to ensure uniform cooling of the entire room. The AC outlet has provision for power and water condensation.

Silicone sealant

Silicone sealants are provided in corners and joints to ensure that water, dust, temperature variations and insects don’t damage your home.

Wall  finish

At SOBHA, we deploy an elaborate painting process that involves preparation of layers of the sub-surface. This results in a smooth and uniform paint  finish without any undulations.

Fire safety

Integrated fire sprinkler points are placed as per statutory requirements.