Marina One is a rare type of home for a rare type of achiever. Different achievers speak about why Marina One makes a connect to their lifestyle and fulfils the aspirations of picky people like themselves.

The Design

Srikumar Nair, Businessman

"I look at my home as an investment for life, not just monetarily, but from the lifestyle it holds out in the future for my family. Everything has to fit in perfectly and that is the value addition that design brings. I like simplicity in everything that I use regularly, whether my luxury car, my office or even my pen. Simplicity stands out as a philosophy in the Marina One home. Here are the top things that I found were resolved with simple design logic."

The Entrance

One enters Marina One from the waterfront side, which is the west side. The entrance design is clear and simple and provides a grand yet convenient experience. The front of the property has the common areas including the clubhouse. There is convenient visitor parking near the entrance, near the clubhouse as well as near respective towers.

Entering each tower

This is where design makes a difference. The towers are laid out in a C-shape formation all around the central urban park. While the park is strictly off limits for vehicles, there is a well-planned driveway along the entire perimeter of the property. This means that residents can get dropped off by their chauffeurs right at the entrance to their towers, minimising the need to walk. 

Each entrance lobby is a grand experience by itself. Finished in high-end, long-lasting materials, the individual lobbies provide a smooth transition from car to elevation. Special care is taken to ensure that wheelchair access is smooth via a convenient ramp. These little things do make a difference.

The Lifestyle

Prateeksha Kumar, Actress

"Being in the glamour industry means an active social life. With my Marina One home, I never have to look at any other alternative venue. While my home itself becomes a fabulous place to party, mainly because of the fabulous views, I have wide options available in the clubhouse and other areas. I am paranoid about giving my guests the best possible experience, and I am happy to note that my residence would fulfil every convenience and safety need."

I like the fact that there is a separate entrance for the household help staff, connected to the generous utility. This means that my staff does not need to enter the home through the main door; a great boon especially when guests are around.

The Elevators

The elevators are high-end and from dependable brands. The elevators offer a high-speed experience and cover one floor in just two seconds. Which means less than a minute to reach the topmost 28th floor. The elevators are grouped - this means that upon a single press of the call button, the nearest elevator comes to the floor. There are two passenger lifts and one service lift, which can accommodate a stretcher in case of emergency. 

The Stairwells

There are two stairwells. These not only fulfil the safety requirements, but also are a great way of moving between floors for the health-conscious. The stairs are wide and have low risers for comfort and convenience. These are designed to high safety standards and are naturally lit and ventilated. I am pretty health-conscious and like to take the stairs if possible most of the time.

The Residences

Archana Nair, Businesswoman

"I like the balance life provides me by being independent. Both my husband and I are avid travellers and we travel often leaving the kids at home with a caretaker. This makes me extra conscious about their safety and well-being. I like my home to be my personal haven within the city, and this is what made me decide on Marina One."

The super luxury N3 residences

These are four-bed units with magnificent views. Of particular interest are the premium residences in the N1 tower, which provide all round views of the waterfront and the Urban Park in the property. The sizes range from 2930 SFT to 3710 SFT in luxurious 4BHK options with separate entrance for domestic help.


The versatile E1 residences

These are four-bed and three-bed + study units with magnificent views. The design is unique and offers a panoramic view of not only the waterfront but also the entire Urban Park below. The size of the residences range from 2296 SFT to 3061 SFT with grand balconies and a vast utility area.