Recharge One

Marina One’s Recharge One brings together one-of-their-kind lifestyle features in a world-class design. Located just below Water One, Recharge One has been conceived to provide a fun, active and luxurious lifestyle to our residents.

30-seat mini theatre

A theatre in one's own community? Not everyone has this luxury. Enjoy blockbusters on the large screen in the company of your friends and family.


Why join fitness clubs elsewhere when you can enjoy a state-of-the-art gym at Club One. Combine the benefits of swimming and working out, within the complex.

Salon / Steam / Sauna

You may be a regular to grooming services, and now get the elderly members of your family along for the party. Pamper your parents, uncles and aunts at the spa.

Badminton Court

Not in the mood for swimming or working out? Build up a sweat over a game at our world class indoor badminton court. Perfect for a sport date with your spouse.

Squash Court

The squash court provides your family a ring-side access to this high-energy sport. Invite your friends for a 500-calorie burning workout at squash.


In keeping with our design philosophy of making Marina One self-sufficient, a convenience store provides easy access to all essential daily groceries.

Reboot. Recharge

The Recharge One zone consists of an indoor badminton court, squash court, gym, steam and sauna area, while a range of features like the convenience store, clinic, crèche and others are planned to remove hassle from the lives of our residents. 

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A dedicated space for a mini-library. For those who still prefer their paperbacks to a Kindle. One more space dedicated to solitude and peace.

Indoor games

The games room at Marina One has games like chess, carrom and board games. The lighting and design of this space is optimised to provide a pleasant experience.

Two multipurpose halls

Marina One has a plethora of event and party spaces. To augment the spaces in the outdoors, we have two multi-purpose halls where residents can plan smaller parties.

Yoga / Aerobics

Yoga and aerobics enthusiasts often complain about the lack of wide spaces to practise their art. At this dedicated space, they will not find any reason to.

Creche & Clinic

Spaces are provided for a creche and a clinic, with easy access to rest rooms. Yet another little feature that promises help at hand should the need arise.

Table Tennis

Our table tennis room has well-planned lighting, wide spaces for movement and contrasting walls to provide the optimum game experience for table tennis lovers.

The Water One complex is visible from all park-facing residences

Lush landscaping complements the water

A view of the Beach Deck

Host parties at the event plaza