Balconies with Extra

Your balconies have been planned with great detail. The extended balcony provides a panoramic view of the waterfront in the N3 and E1 blocks.

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The extra in your balcony

Flowing design

Wide balcony design extends the room size and provides panoramic views of the waterfront or Urban Park.


Safety and elegance

The glass railings are 1150mm in height. Parents can relax while their kids safely play in the fresh air and sunshine of the balcony.


Our balconies slope towards the drainage outlet and get dry real quick. The drain point is kept away from the door so that flooding does not happen.

Skid resistant

Skid-resistant tiles in balconies ensure that your balconies are safe for your family.


Stone coping is done on the ledge of the balcony to ensure easy maintenance and cleaning.

Exterior surfaces

Our external surfaces have a texture  nish that prevents surfaces from cracks and is easy on maintenance.