Bathrooms with Extra

Your bathrooms have been planned with great detail. There are one common bathroom and three attached bathrooms in the N3 block. The walls in the bathrooms have ceramic tiles till the false ceiling level.

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The extra in your bathroom

Separating dry and wet

The 15mm tile drop from the bedroom to the bathroom and a planned slope, ensure that water from the bathroom never floods out into the bedroom.

Bathroom door

Steps have been taken to make the bathroom door water resistant. This ensures that there is no deformity and the look stays consistent.

Easy to maintain

Top to bottom tiling in the bathrooms at Marina One make cleaning and maintenance extremely easy and hassle-free.

Skid resistant flooring

Do not worry about slipping and falling in a bathroom in your Marina One Home. Skid-resistant tiles in the bathroom ensure safety and the perfect grip.

Wall-mounted WC

Wall mounted water closets in every bathroom at Marina One enable maximum space and greater hygiene.


Power points

Plug points have been placed conveniently near the wash basin in your bathrooms. You can plug in your grooming gadgets or charge up your mobile phones.

False ceiling in grid ceiling

The water-resistant false ceiling in bathrooms helps in maintenance and also ensures that the bathroom looks neat and clean without any dangling wires or bulky appliances. (Grid ceiling is not present in the mock-up)

Large counter

A stone counter is provided to help you keep your belongings dry and safe.


Shower floor drop

The separation between the dry and the shower areas is marked by a 35mm drop with a threshold.



High-power flushing system keeps the pressure consistent and ensures clean flushing.


Your bathroom has chrome plated  ttings of top-end brands that conform to International Standards.

Floor traps

Floor traps in bathrooms are provided to ensure that your bathrooms are roach-free and odourless.

Tile joints

Tile joints are sealed with grout; this ensures a watertight surface and better finish.