Activity One

The 5-acre, completely vehicle-free Urban Park includes carefully designed features for fitness enthusiasts of all age-groups. While the cricket pitch offers a great surface and nets for cricket enthusiasts, the outdoor fitness stations allow you to burn those calories amidst the greens.

Cricket pitch

A cricket pitch with well-crafted surface allows for serious practice, while offering a great venue for children to begin the sport within the comfort of the community.

Fitness stations

Outdoor fitness stations are strategically located within the Urban Park near Water One. Now workout in the outdoors amidst the shade of trees.

Tennis Court

The Tennis Court is located near the party lawn area and Water One. Get your visitors warmed up with a game of tennis on our high quality turf court.

Jogging tracks

Multiple jogging tracks criss-cross the Urban Park offering different trails. The surfaces for the tracks are anti-skid and provide a safe experience for the elderly and children.


A multi-court on the North side of the property allows basket ball, volley ball and other games to be played in a hard court setting. Perfect for getting the adrenaline up each morning.

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Planning and design

The Activity One zone has been planned for everyone in the family. Carefully-planned spaces with quick access from the residences will help provide the incentive for your entire family to get into some kind of active sport.

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Relax after an active workout in one of the many seating areas

A view of the jogging tracks close to Water One

Different jogging trails criss-cross the park

High quality surfaces and finish mark outdoor spaces.

Here is an actual photograph of SOBHA Forest View, Bangalore