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The Urban Park is designed to be the hub of social activity for Marina One residents. The entire park area can be viewed from residences facing the inside, which means that parents can keep a watchful eye on their children playing in the park, from the comfort of their homes. 

Activity Lawns

There are several activity lawns including a large waterside party lawns. These can be used to host events, get-togethers or conducting group activities.

Kids' play area

The main kids' play area has play equipment made of high-grade plastic from reputed brands. There are additional features such as children's play mound.


An outdoor amphitheatre is a great community space for performances and parties. When combined with the barbeque zone, it offers a complete event experience.

Fountain roundabout

Bringing in the water element again, is this unique feature designed in stone. Children are guaranteed to spend many delightful hours here.

Skating rink

Complete the play and outdoor experience for your young children and their friends with this high quality skating rink finished in smooth concrete.

Seating alcoves

Socialise with the community via several seating alcoves that are conveniently distributed across the property. These spaces are great for young mothers and the elderly.

Multiple options for the family

Entertainment for the family is a core design objective for the Marina One team. All the features and spaces provide families great outdoor entertainment options all year round.

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Our children's play areas are designed for safety and joy. Here is an actual photograph taken at SOBHA Forest View, Bangalore

Fountain roundabout - delight for the children

A view of the Beach Deck

Amphitheatre - perfect for small events